Top 10 Research Tools For Internet Marketers

I just wanted to share a few of the tools I use on a daily basis for market research, keyword checking, e.t.c.

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool - Check popular keywords and get suggestions on alternative keywords.

SubmitterBot - Submit your website to huge bunch of web directories.

Google Insights for Search - Check keywords searches based on location and other variables.

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Ezine Article Spying

Short post today but I wanted to show everyone how you can spy on and see all the articles with top views. You can either do a general search or be keyword specific. This can help you determine what keywords to target when writing articles for your niche. We want to maximize the amount of traffic we can pull from our articles so we might as well see some of the top producing articles in action.

This is the code that we will be using, "This article has been viewed 2000..199999" "Article Submitted On: * *, 2011"

Enter this search string into Google and this will pull up all the articles on ezine that have over 2000 article views. If you want to be more specific by targeting a specific keyword you will need to enter the keyword first then a space, then the search string. Like this,

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Make your Blog/Site picked up by Search Engines

  • Open site in your Internet browser.
  • In the "Url" box enter ""
  • Then click the "Start Ping" button.
  • Open site in your Internet browser.
  • In the "Blog URL" box enter ""
  • Then click "Check All" to have all services be selected.
  • Then click "I agree with Terms Of Service".
  • Then click the "Ping MY Blog" button.
  • Open site in your Internet browser.

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Building Niche Sites

Building your first niche website is your first step to building a passive income. There are too many niches, sub niches, and micro niches out there to name them all so there are many opportunities for you to make money online.

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