Building Niche Sites

Building your first niche website is your first step to building a passive income. There are too many niches, sub niches, and micro niches out there to name them all so there are many opportunities for you to make money online.

Finding A Niche
First step is to find a niche that you can start building a website in. Is there a niche that you are passionate about already? Consider yourself an expert at something? Maybe it's car repair, home remodeling, brewing your own beer, etc.. Find something that you enjoy writing and talking about so that way you don't find yourself burned out down the road. If you want to be successful at making money online you have to start out enjoying what you're writing about. You wouldn't want to write about cooking food when you hate cooking.

Finding A Domain
Once you have found the niche you want to build a website about, you will need to do some proper keyword research. You will need to find a keyword that receives some good traffic in the niche that you are targeting. I would recommend using SEO Book's keyword tool or Google Keyword tool to find keywords that receive good traffic every month. The reason why you are looking for a good keyword in your niche is so you can find a keyword that you can match up with your domain name. If you want to rank in Google for a keyword that receives a ton of traffic then you need to target that keyword by buying a website domain name that has the keyword in it.

Exact match keyword domains are the best for search engine optimization and are easy to rank for. If you want to write about the dating niche and a high traffic keyword might be "Pickup Lines for Women" then you would want to buy a website domain like, or This will give you an easier time ranking in Google for that keyword compared to websites that do not have the keyword in their domain name.

I buy my domains through, I recommend searching for an online coupon if possible, then I transfer the domain to my bluehost web hosting account. Blue Host is a great hosting site that is fast and is super easy to install WordPress from. Install WordPress then start writing up some useful content on your site. After you are finished with the content you will need to get your site indexed by Google, I recommend Bulk Ping's fast index tool. This tool will get your website indexed within 30 minutes.

Once you have the site built you will need to monetize it. The easiest monetization method is signing up for Google Adsense. For the quickest adsense approval method I recommend creating a blogger account and setting up a fake blog with some content. Then apply for adsense from within that account. You can typically get your account approved within a couple days. It's much easier to use a blogger site to get approved compared to a private domain. Once approved put some ads on your site so you can start having some income coming in.

Also, look for affiliate offers you can promote. Head over to and sign up for an account. Look at the marketplace for products that are in your niche that you can promote. Post clickbank ads or write reviews for these products.

Once the traffic comes rolling in then that when you make your profits. Once a niche site is profitable you can either sell it or let it build passive income. If you go the passive income route you will want to quit working on the site when it becomes profitable then move on to building another site in another niche. This is a rinse and repeat method that can create multiple streams of income over and over again.

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